‘Dangerous’ YouTube videos that show you how to inject fillers and Botox into your own face branded ‘deadly’ by doctors

Fillers in Dubai | 25 June 2019

Doctors have slammed “deadly” YouTube videos that show how to inject cosmetic fillers and Botox into your own face. The online clips encourage people to inject dermal fillers at home, rather than paying the average £200 to £500 cost at a clinic. But now experts have called for the videos to be removed, saying viewers risk infection, blood poisoning and even death if they get it wrong. Leading surgeons say viewers need to exercise extreme caution warning that YouTube videos showing so-called ‘DIY dermal filler methods’ are extremely dangerous. By attempting to follow them you’re risking infection. If you accidentally inject into a blood vessel, you risk the death of tissue and permanent scarring. In rare circumstances, it could even lead to blood poisoning and death. I would plead that no one ever administers their own filler. Leave it to a trusted medical expert who has had years of training and is fully understanding of the anatomy of the face. Read the full story here.

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