Rejuvenative cosmetic surgery of the upper third of the face

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 9 May 2019

A brow lift is a popular procedure for rejuvenation of the forehead and eyebrow; otherwise referred to as the eyebrow lift or forehead lift. It is carried out to correct the signs of ageing, in which forehead creases and the descent of the brow has caused a worn-out or aged look. This can also occur in younger patients, leading to crowding of the eyebrow/eyelid complex giving a tired, concerned appearance. By crowding the eyelids, it can also make the upper-lid skin appear hooded, giving the impression of excess skin. The contour of the brow also changes with loss of its natural arc.

Repositioning the brow and forehead not only raises the brow and enhances the eye area, but also restores the youthful shape to the browline. The aim of surgery is to restore the natural appearance of the upper facial area, which looks in line with the rest of the face.

Why undergo brow lift treatment?

Brow lifting is usually performed as an adjunct to upper lid blepharoplasty as a ‘Blepharoplasty Plus’ procedure . In appropriate patients, it can allow for a significant additional boost and enhancement of the blepharoplasty result. Brow lifting is not only performed for aesthetic reasons. In many cases, the drooping of the brow can actually affect vision and appropriate brow lifting can improve the lateral visual field significantly.

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