Choosing The Right Type Of Dermal Filler

Fillers in Dubai | 18 July 2020

The area(s) of treatment are important when selecting the right type of filler product. Single treatment areas like the lips, eyes, or cheeks allow for the election of area-specific products. Teosyal by Teoxane offers an extensive range of products like Teosyal Kiss, which is specifically formulated for the delicate lip area. Teosyal also has Redensity l or ll for the eye area. The Teosyal product range is a preferred choice of dermal fillers because Teosyal dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid compounds that are specifically formulated for exclusive areas on the face.


The condition of the skin prior to injection will regulate the amount of dermal filler that will be required along with the injection techniques that will be exercised.. The depth of wrinkles along with the patient’s age and lifestyle are determining factors in selecting the appropriate filler product for patients. Other factors include sun damage, irregularities like pigmentation, discoloration, moles, scars, and other visible signs of skin damage. These all play a role in which treatments should be used.


Dermal fillers are an ongoing anti-ageing regimen. Patients who regularly maintain their filler injections in a timely manner consequently end up with natural results with long-lasting effects. One of the most important elements in maintaining consistent dermal filler results is to have the treated area re-injected prior to the product being fully absorbed by the body. Typically, 4 weeks prior to the “lasting” period is ideal for the re-injection of pre-existing sites. For example, if your lip filler product lasts 6 months, then it is advisable to schedule a follow up appointment to get re-injected at about 5 months after the initial injection. People who regularly receive dermal fillers will require less product overtime because the body will become accustomed to the increased production of collagen and will continue to produce extra collagen to support the areas that have been injected with dermal fillers.


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