Buccal Fat Removal Can Help Reduce Facial Fullness

Buccal Fat Pad Removal Dubai | 17 October 2022

Buccal fat removal can assist in minimising facial fullness, enhancing your face’s natural contours, and assisting you in achieving your desired appearance.

It is challenging to target fat in a particular location of your body, and diet and exercise tend to have little effect on the fat around your face. This manual will provide you with all the information you need to assess whether having buccal fat removed is the appropriate course of action for you, including the advantages, disadvantages, and surgical process.

The surgical excision of the buccal fat pad, usually referred to as a cheek reduction, is a cosmetic surgery. The cheek hollows’ fat pad is eliminated or diminished throughout the operation. These pads are a naturally occurring deep pad of fat that can be found in the middle to lower third of the cheeks on both sides of the face.

People who desire to get rid of “chipmunk cheeks,” or fat cheeks, might use this procedure. A babyface might become more contoured with the aid of a cheek reduction.

Everybody has a different buccal fat pad size, which is genetically predetermined. Additionally, it may differ or be asymmetrical on each cheek. A soft, round face is sometimes associated with a youthful appearance, although it is possible for someone’s face to appear overstuffed.

A person who is physically healthy, at a stable weight, and who does not smoke is a good candidate for buccal fat removal. The person who would benefit from this surgery the most would be someone who is worried by the appearance of chubby cheeks and has tried correct dieting and exercise without success.

Patients with thin or narrow faces are discouraged from having the operation since it may make them look haggard. For those who have serious medical disorders or illnesses that provide a life-threatening risk, the surgery is not advised.

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