Breast Augmentation Dubai | 20 April 2023

You may have heard that if you want to restore perkier, firmer breasts or lessen breast drooping, a breast lift will make your bust smaller, necessitating a change in bra size. Sure, you might need to wear a smaller cup size in general, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your breasts are smaller. In actuality, some women need to size up following a breast lift. Simply expressed, it depends on the individual. You could need a new bra fit when getting a new breast shape and contour.

The average reduction in bra size following a breast lift, or mastopexy as it is technically termed, is one cup. However, this is typically not due to a volume reduction. When excess skin and drooping breast tissue are removed or realigned, cup sizes are often lowered. In actuality, many women find it to be beneficial. It might even eliminate the requirement for uncomfortable underwire.

Depending on your specific goals and customised technique, you could decide to combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. This hybrid technique adds volume to the breasts while also removing strained tissue to achieve the desired results.

If the areola is looking downward or, alternatively, if it is located below the natural crease of your breasts, a mastopexy or breast lift is typically necessary. (The periaortic overlay.) Because it is a day case, general anaesthesia is used, which enables the use of more advanced sedation techniques to hasten patient recovery and return to work.

Due to the scarring associated with this particular methodology, the cut locations will be carefully examined during the general restoration and reshaping of the bosoms using this methodology.

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