Breast Enlargement Consultation – Augmentation Questions…

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 5 June 2024

During breast augmentation, implants are surgically implanted beneath the breast tissue to increase the bust size. Early in the 1960s, the method was first made accessible in America, and since then, demand for it has exploded. Over time, implants’ exterior and interior have received subtle improvements. The silicone shell of every implant now on the market is either smooth or textured, helping it to adhere to the breast tissue. The filler is often high-grade medical silicone. This might be gentle or stiff depending on the type of implant selected. Saline or salty water is rarely utilised as the filler since it lacks realism and becomes ruffled over time.

The average lifespan of a modern implant is 10 to 15 years, but if they are still in good condition after that time, there is no need to replace them. There will almost definitely be additional surgery and costs in the near future because no implant is guaranteed to last forever. The surgery normally takes an hour to 90 minutes to conduct under a general anaesthetic. Most patients stay the night and return home the next day. Take a week to ten days off from work and refrain from driving for a comparable period of time. After the treatment, you should expect some swelling to last for 4 to 6 weeks. The final results usually become visible after 4 months.

After surgery, we frequently use dissolvable sutures and small dressings, allowing patients to support themselves for the next six weeks by wearing a sports bra. For approximately six weeks following the treatment, it is advised to avoid intense activity and overseas travel.

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