Breast Augmentation – The First Few Days

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 12 December 2023

You should plan on avoiding as much activity as possible for at least three to four days after your augmentation. Your breasts will be tender and swollen, and you will likely need to use prescription pain medications for the first day or two to ensure that you stay comfortable. You will not be able to drive yourself to work or to run errands, so we typically recommend that you plan to take these days off from regular daily responsibilities and arrange for extra help around the house. You should also avoid movements that might irritate your breasts like heavy lifting, jumping or laying on your stomach. These first few days are when your body will be experiencing the most adjustments as your sutures heal and you get used to your implants. Symptoms such as bruising and some bleeding are normal, though if you feel as though they are excessive, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. At your first follow-up appointment after these initial recovery days, I will be able to give you the go-ahead to return to a more normal schedule.

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