Breast Augmentation – Size Matters

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 29 March 2019

I offer additional peace of mind by only ever having worked with the finest quality breast implants. Today there are two main types of breast implants available: silicone gel-filled or saline-filled. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types and I will explain the best choice for your body at your consultation.

All my patients’ needs are unique, I will talk to you at length about your breast profile and the look you wish to achieve, listen to your needs, offer you advice and help you decide which breast implant is right for you in terms of your size and shape.

Size Matters

The size of your new breasts will be affected by the diameter of the implant (determining the ‘fullness’ of your breasts) and its projection (how ‘prominent’ you’d like your breasts to appear). Implants can be chosen by diameter and have the option of three projections, leading to a more tailored solution for you. My comprehensive range of breast implants include 100s of different sizes and shapes and I will assist you in making your ultimate choice.

Round implants are sometimes perceived to produce a more ‘fake’ or ‘augmented’ look, this is just a common misconception and their popularity is testament to their success. The round implant is the implant of choice in many countries and is suitable for the majority of patients. In the unlikely event a round implant ‘turns’ in its pocket, it will remain symmetrical and not distort the shape of the breast.

Anatomical breast implants are shaped like a teardrop. Designed to follow the body’s natural lines and produce a more natural looking breast, they have more volume at the bottom than the top and appear more oval when viewed from the front. Although initially brought into practice for use in reconstruction surgeries, they’re now widely used for breast augmentation purposes and often an appropriate choice for women with very little breast volume or for those who have a particular chest anatomy. It is possible for anatomical implants to ‘turn’ or flip in the pocket. If this does occur the rotation will cause the breast to look lopsided. For this reason, all anatomical implants are designed with a textured surface that adheres to the tissue, helping to keep the implant in place.


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