Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 24 March 2019

I want you to be as comfortable as possible following your surgery. I will guide you through exactly what to expect following when recovering during your consultation, so you can prepare and know exactly what to expect. The length of your recovery process depends on your health and other variables. During the first 48 hours, you may have an elevated body temperature and swelling. This is expected and both should return to normal over time. Your breast implants need to be held in their new position, so you will require a surgical support bra to stay in place for a two to four-week period after breast enlargement surgery. During this time, you must restrict your activity to ensure the breast implants are not disturbed. I will sometimes recommend the use of an upper pole strap to hold your breasts in the desired position.


  • Sleep or rest with your head slightly elevated, avoiding lateral positions. Keep your arms close to your body, and avoid lifting weights until allowed by myself.
  • Do not drive for at least 2 days after your surgery, and do not exercise until approved by me usually 4-6 weeks.
  • Do not expose your breasts directly to sunlight until approved by me.
  • Healing cream may be recommended by me.

Your first post-operative consultation will take place approximately seven to 10 days after your surgery.

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