Breast Augmentation: Only Consider Surgery If You Trust And Understand Your Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 October 2022

Implants are surgically inserted beneath the breast tissue during breast augmentation to enlarge the bust. The technique was initially made available in America in the early 1960s, and since then, demand for it has skyrocketed.

Both the outside and interior of implants have undergone subtle advancements throughout time. All currently available implants include a silicone shell that is either smooth or rough, allowing it to adhere to the breast tissue. High-grade medical silicone is typically used as the filler. Depending on the type of implant chosen, this can have a soft or firm consistency. Rarely is saline or salty water used as the filler because it is less realistic and rippled with time.

Modern implants typically last 10 to 15 years, but if they are still functioning properly at that point, there is no need to replace them. Since no implant is guaranteed to live forever, more surgery and costs are almost certainly in the near future.

Under a general anaesthetic, the procedure typically takes an hour to 90 minutes to complete. The majority of patients spend the night and depart for home the next day. It’s customary to take a week to ten days off work and an equivalent amount of time off from driving. After the procedure, you can anticipate swelling for 4 to 6 weeks, with the ultimate outcome typically being apparent after 4 months. Most of the time, we employ dissolvable sutures and tiny dressings after surgery, allowing a sports bra to be worn for support for the following six weeks. It’s advisable to stay away from strenuous exercise and international travel for around six weeks after the procedure.

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