Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 3 October 2019

Most women choose breast augmentation implant plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons such as increasing the size of naturally small breasts, improve symmetry between the breasts, or simply achieve a more voluptuous looking figure. But some women may require breast implants as a part of breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy.

Need for Breast Augmentation

To determine a woman’s candidacy for breast augmentation implant surgery, the surgeon will first try to assess the reasons why she wants this surgery. Only the patient can provide a true answer about her innate need and desire for enhanced breasts, and what kind of expectations she may have from this procedure. Based on this feedback, the surgeon can create a customized plan for breast augmentation plastic surgery.

Some of the reasons why women want breast augmentation include:

Desire to make the breasts appear normally sized if they are disproportionately small.

Remove imbalance between unevenly sized or shaped breasts.

Achieve a more feminine look.

Restore breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy.

Correct congenital defects in one or both breasts.

Reconstruct breasts after mastectomy or breast injury.

Improving body image and self-confidence.

The surgeon will incorporate the patient’s aesthetic needs and goals into the breast augmentation plan, and at the same time, help her to form realistic expectations. Experienced plastic surgeons at the Virginia Institute receive patients from Richmond, Virginia, and nearby areas for breast augmentation implant surgery.

Health Requisites

The patient should be generally healthy and fit to be considered for breast augmentation implant surgery. The surgeon will go through the patient’s medical and surgical records, and assess the breast anatomy and skin elasticity in the breast area. Specialized mammograms may be ordered in some cases. The patient should disclose all necessary information about her current and previous health conditions.  

The surgeon will advise the patient against smoking for at least a few weeks prior to breast surgery, and may stop her from taking certain medications, herbal supplements and vitamins for some time. The schedule of prescription medications may have to be modified in consultation with the prescribing physician.

The patient should have a stable body weight, no untreated infections, and should not be currently pregnant or breastfeeding. She should also be free from any cancerous or pre-cancerous breast tissue.

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