Breast Augmentation – FORGET CUP SIZE

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 20 April 2024

You might not want to hear this but I am going to tell you anyway: you need to forget thinking about cup size. Women tend to think in cup sizes because that is how they buy bras. The most common comment I hear is, “I’d like to be a C-cup”. When I hear that I translate it to mean, “She wants her breasts to look like they fit the rest of her body.” This is because cup size for patients having breast augmentation is a very subjective measurement. Everyone wears their bras differently and every bra manufacturer makes them differently. You may be a 36C in one bra and a 34D in another. And when you check out all the different styles at your local Victoria’s Secret, you can understand why I say think proportion and shape, not cup size!

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