All About Sizing

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 25 January 2019

When it comes to sizing, I ask my patients to think more about proportion and shape versus cup size. Cup size is an extremely subjective measurement for patients seeking breast augmentation. No two individuals are the same, nor are two breasts on the same body even the same! Before a final size can be determined, I must evaluate things like the quality, thickness and laxity of the existing tissue, as well as your skeletal and muscular structure and overall anatomy.

These considerations all contribute to the fact that everyone wears bras very differently. In addition, manufacturers’ sizes differ widely. So when you think about your new size, think more in terms of proportion and shape instead. And, most importantly, do not pick your size based on what your friend might have or what your significant other might envision. During your consultation, I will carefully select your implant size together, based on dimensions—not volume.

Breast Augmentation Dubai

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