Crisalix – A New Generation of Augmented & Virtual Reality in Surgery

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 12 April 2019

Dr Matteo Vigo, one of Dubai’s leading plastic surgeons, believes any breast augmentation patient undeniably deserves the best treatment possible by being shown what their new body could look like before they go for surgery. His newly introduced Crisalix simulator offers patients 3D images of superior accuracy by integrating the latest advancements in 3D technology, similarly to what is used for box office motion picture animations as well as sophisticated 3D architectural visualizations and video games.

The new simulator introduces state-of-the-art scientific algorithms which go to a level of detail and depth of perception never achieved till now. The shape of the implant in the body can be reproduced with exceptional precision, thereby enabling patients to clearly express their desires and expectations and communicate more effectively with Dr Vigo.

Dr Vigo commented that “prospective patients find it comforting to see the final result before the operation. They are much more tranquil and at ease, thanks to Crisalix.”

Crisalix’s approach for creating the 3D image has been extended to the body’s back and upper arms, to recreate in 3D these parts of the anatomy. In addition, the replication of the patient’s skin in the 3D images has been significantly enhanced, faithfully reproducing the precise skin texture and colour.

To intensely test and validate Crisalix’s performance with various patient profiles, it conducted the first worldwide beta testing of its kind for web-based 3D imaging using standard 2D photos. This study was conducted with acclaimed university professors, recognized key opinion leaders, board members, founders and presidents of associations, and an amalgamation of a number of highly distinguished surgeons from every continent.

Crisalix includes innovative features such as the world’s first 3D Virtual Wardrobe, enabling breast augmentation patients to visualize their new body dressed for any occasion, from a simple sweater to that décolleté or bikini that they never dared to wear before. Dr Vigo has also launched the unique Crisalix iPad app which offers patients a whole new level of interactivity during the consultation.

To watch a video demonstrating the Crisalix technology, please click here.

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