Breast Augmentation Dubai – Do I need a breast uplift operation?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 18 June 2020

Some patients are bothered by droopiness of the breasts. If you are bothered by droopiness and are happy with the size of your breasts then you do not need a breast augmentation, but may be offered a breast uplift operation called a mastopexy. This is a quite different operation that involves lifting the position of the nipple and breast tissue and tightening the skin of the breasts. There will be an incision around the areola and possibly incisions passing vertically downwards and underneath the breasts.

So, the scarring is more obvious than simple breast augmentation, but no implant is used. All breast uplift operations will tend to droop again as a consequence of time and gravity. Mild degrees of droopiness can be improved by a breast augmentation alone. Sometimes your situation falls between these two options and if I may recommend that you may need a breast augmentation and mastopexy. In most instances it is best to do one or the other first and then see what result can be achieved with the proviso that the other operation can be done at a second stage if needed. However, in some patients it is clear from the outset that both operations will be needed at the same time. This requires careful preoperative planning and counselling. This is difficult surgery. The results are not always entirely predictable in terms of size and breast shape.

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