Breast Augmentation – ARE YOU READY?

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 31 July 2018

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I choosing to enhance my appearance for me?
I know that others may support me, but no one is pressuring me.

Am I realistic about the results of the surgery?
I understand that cosmetic surgery can improve my appearance, but it cannot change my life.

Do I fully understand and accept the potential risks associated with my procedure?
I know that there are no guarantees and realize that additional procedures may be necessary. I have been (or will soon be) given informed consent documents and pre- and post- procedure instructions.

Am I in good shape physically and emotionally?
There are no underlying health disorders or mental health conditions I have not disclosed to my surgeon.

Why is now the right time for my surgery, rather than a month or a year ago, or, conversely, a month or a year from now?
The timing fits my schedule. I have not been offered special incentives to schedule surgery and I am not feeling pressured to commit to a plan before I am ready.

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