Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 28 June 2020

Aging is a natural, complex process; the cumulative effect of genetics, environmental impacts, and normal wear and tear on our bodies eventually take their toll in a myriad of different ways. It is this consequence of living your life that can simply bring unavoidable health problems. Over time, the cells of the body become progressively damaged and die. Dead cells are replaced too slowly to compensate for this loss. The signs of aging begin to appear along with health issues like impaired hearing and vision; loss of muscle strength and bone mass; decreased immunity and cognition, and inefficient metabolism. Aging cells contribute to disease. If aging in cells can be prevented, slowed down, or even reversed, many diseases could be controlled or cured. Stem cell research and related regenerative medicine therapies are being looked at for providing solutions to many of life’s problems.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the essential building blocks of our bodies. They are unique in that they have the ability to change, evolve, duplicate, and adapt into other types of cells – the essence of body regeneration. Stem cells have the potential to develop into many cell types in the body. They lie dormant in bone marrow and fat stores. Once damage occurs, cytokines (proteins in our immune system), send signals that trigger them. Stem cells scout out damaged areas and then differentiate into the specific form of cell required to help heal.

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapies are the ultimate anti-aging treatment. They are unique because they use a patient’s own stem cells and can be transplanted where they are needed. Treatments replenish the body with a fresh supply of concentrated stem cells to allow the repair and rejuvenation process in all organs, including skin. This is where the most obvious effects can be seen. Unlike plastic surgery that addresses surface looks alone and not the cause, stem cells replace, regrow, repair and rejuvenate on a cellular level that goes far beyond appearances. They restore more youthful levels of energy and resolve age-related damage to face, body, and organs. Anti-aging therapy improves the overall health, strength, and function of organs and cells, making them younger, stronger, and robust. They allow you to be more active and feel youthful again. Impressive results have been seen in all age groups, regardless of gender and ethnicity.

Personalized anti aging skin care

This process allows you to create your own personal supply of collagen-producing Adipose Derived Cells to correct fine wrinkles, folds and ageing signs. It is a natural treatment that does not rely on injecting artificial components into the skin

The Aging Process

Fibroblasts are skin cells that produce collagen and elastin. Their function is essential for maintaining elasticity and firmness of your skin. As we age, our fibroblasts reduce in number and the collagen matrix that makes up most of the dermis breaks down. This creates an imbalance that causes the dermis to become less stretchable, less resilient, more lax and prone to wrinkling.


The new implanted Adipose Derived Cells produce collagen and elastin and make the skin smoother and healthier. Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial imperfections as damaged skin cells are quickly outnumbered by the proliferation of healthy cells. A boost in collagen and elastin, helps to restore the skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

The cells will make new collagen and they will require time to form that new matrix. The younger are the skin cells the quicker are the results; the average time from injection to when you see the changes is usually only a few months and you will see continued gradual improvements for 6 months to a year.

Can I Stop The Ageing Process Of My Skin And Prevent Imperfections?

Preserve your ADCells today and put a stop to skin-ageing. Thanks to the innovative cell culture processes, you can now obtain millions of new cells from cryopreserved ADC that will be used to restore the conditions of young skin and replace aged cells .

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