What is a Breast Lift?

Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 28 October 2019

For most of my patients, planning breast augmentation surgery is fairly straightforward. However, if you are older (over 40), have had multiple pregnancies, or have lost a significant amount of weight, you may need to plan for a breast lift as well.

If a patient has minimal breast sag and minimal excess (but good quality) skin, then implants alone can provide the lift needed without additional surgical lifting. This is particularly true when the implants are being placed below the muscle. If the patient has minimal sagging, then placing the implant under the breast will ensure perky, natural and firm results.

If the patient has poor skin quality, stretch marks, too much sagging skin, low-resting nipples, or there appears to be a disengagement between the skin, gland, and chest wall, then a lift is mandatory to achieve the best cosmetic outcome. While most women who fall into these categories are older, some young women do as well. If you have had multiple pregnancies, chances are high that the repeated expansion and contraction of the breast tissue has resulted in loose skin, stretch marks, and the loss of breast volume (especially in the upper portion of the breast). Women under 40 who have lost a significant amount of weight also frequently struggle with flat, drooping breasts. If you have battled obesity in the past, you will almost certainly need a breast lift along with implants.

Some surgeons avoid combining breast lift and augmentation surgery owing to the added complexity this represents, but in the long run, mastopexy augmentation tends to be less stressful and more cost-effective. Combining breast lift and breast augmentation into one single procedure is easier for the patient and more likely to result in a successful outcome.

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