A tummy tuck is an operation to remove extra skin, scars, stretch marks and fat from the tummy, and sometimes to tighten the tummy muscles.

Tummy Tuck Dubai | 17 October 2018

For the patient seeking abdominoplasty, there is a list of common desires: a desire to decrease loose, draping skin, have a tighter, flatter abdomen and improve the abdominal contour. It is well recognized that exercise and diet are the best strategies to ensure many of these goals. However, despite appropriate exercise and diet, certain groups of people cannot reach these desired goals. Weight loss can decrease the subcutaneous fat layer and intra-abdominal volume but cannot improve loose, draping skin. Also, pregnancy induces changes in the vertebra column, ribs and pelvis resulting in an enlargement in the transverse diameter of the abdomen. The tone of the musculoaponeurotic system may be weakened. In addition; operations on the abdominal wall and hernias may further weaken and partially denervate the musculoaponeurotic system. The standard abdominoplasty is one of many techniques used for abdominal aesthetic surgery. This procedure, which consists of dermolipectomy and musculoaponeurotic tightening, is extremely effective in re-storing the abdomen to its youthful shape in most patients.


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