Plastic Surgery Dubai | 15 September 2023

By removing sagging tissue between the top lip and the septum, lip lifting is a minimally invasive procedure that enhances the appearance of thin upper lips. In order to raise and enhance the appearance of the lips and cupid’s bow, Dr. Vigo makes a small incision in the lip area or under the nose and trims away extra skin. When you grin, it’s usually easier to see your teeth.

Lip lifts are frequently performed on patients to improve the lip shape or to make the philtrum area appear more youthful and fresher.


A lip lift is a clinic-based surgical procedure that narrows the “philtrum,” or space between the nose and the top of the lip. The technique makes more pink tissue exposed, giving the lips the appearance of being bigger and more prominent. Additionally, it makes your top central teeth more visible while your lips are at rest. It’s an excellent alternative for those who wish to give their lips height rather than volume.

There are numerous lip lift variations. Knowing the different kinds and strategies will help you and Dr. Vigo have an informed discussion about which is best for you.


There are various factors that influence people’s decisions about lift lip surgery. The procedure successfully tackles issues such an enlarged philtrum, the vertical groove between the nose and the upper lip, and a thin upper lip that is brought on by ageing or genetics.

Lip lifts provide a long-term fix for thin lips that lack shape and volume. It is a more long-lasting alternative to dermal fillers, making it a desirable choice for those who do not want the maintenance associated with fillers.

Direct lip lift

A direct lip lift, sometimes called a gullwing lip lift, creates a more defined lip border. A thin strip of skin is removed just above the upper lip, and the skin is pulled upwards, creating the illusion of a more pronounced vermillion (the pink part of the lips). This procedure typically leaves behind a scar on the upper lip area.

Subnasal bullhorn

The subnasal bullhorn is one of the more common lip lift procedures. Dr. Vigo will make an incision that’s typically hidden along the base of the nose where it’s less visible. The incision is often made in the shape of a bullhorn and the center, right, and left of the lip are all pulled up toward the nose.

Central lip lift

A central lip lift is similar to a subnasal bullhorn lift. It shortens the space between the nose and the lips by an incision at the lower nose.

Corner lip lift

A corner lip lift is sometimes called a “grin lift” because it gives the face a more smiley appearance. It’s done by making two small incisions at both corners of the mouth and removing a small amount of skin. Some people will get this in tandem with another lip lift to give fuller lips. It’s an option for people who feel they have downturned lips.

A lip lift can be a good option for older people who want to reduce the space between the lips and the nose. With age, this space typically increases and can make lips look thinner. Younger people who haven’t achieved the look they want from fillers, or if they find that fillers make their lips look unnaturally plump or duck-like, may prefer a lip lift. Lip lifts are also a permanent solution, so they can be helpful for people who are tired of the upkeep of filler.


If each of the following statements about a person is true, Dr. Vigo deems them suitable for the procedure:

Your mental and physical health are both good.

You are optimistic and realistic about what surgery can accomplish when you are at your desired weight.

You’re seeking a long-lasting outcome.

You have a 15mm or larger gap between your upper lip and nose.

Your thin lips are a result of ageing or heredity.

Your lip corners are downturned.

You’re trying to find a substitute for lip fillers.

As with all surgeries, lip lifts have some potential complications include:


poor wound healing

blood loss during or after surgery

nerve damage


The recovery period following a lip lifting treatment is relatively brief. After surgery, we strongly advise resting for 24 hours and refraining from heavy activity and smoking for the next few weeks. Before having raise lip surgery, we implore you to stop smoking.

Dr. Vigo advises avoiding sleeping on your faces and avoiding extending your mouth too widely in order to take extra precautions near the lip area. It will assist to use a toothbrush with a smaller head.

After surgery, you should be able to resume your regular daily activities in about seven days.

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