Breast augmentation using breast implants is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UAE. And it’s no wonder why. Breast implants have numerous physical and mental benefits for women, making them well worth the investment of time and money.

If you are considering breast implants, you should know about these top benefits:

Higher Self-Esteem

After having breast implant surgery, the majority of women say they feel more confident in themselves. Nine out of ten women who underwent the operation said they felt more confident about themselves in a poll.

Enhanced self-worth can yield more substantial and enduring advantages. You could be prepared to ask someone out or go for that promotion when your self-esteem is better. Your connections and relationships may feel better as a result. You may enjoy your life as well, once you truly love yourself.

Long-Lasting Results

How long do breast implants last? Years and years. No matter what type of breast implant you choose, you can expect to enjoy your new appearance without any issues for 10 to 20 years. The recovery time for breast implants is only about 4 weeks, so you’ll be able to see and enjoy your results fast.

Improved Breast Symmetry

Many women have breasts that aren’t symmetrical. One may be larger than the other. Nipples might point in different directions or be of different sizes. One breast may hang higher or lower than the other.

When you undergo breast implant surgery, you can address all of these issues and get truly symmetrical breasts and nipples.

Better Looking Breasts After Pregnancy

Whether or not you choose to breastfeed, your breasts can look very different after pregnancy. Breasts swell when you are pregnant and postpartum. But when it’s all over, they may sag or look empty. You may have lost volume but have plenty of extra tissue. Multiple pregnancies can have even worse effects on your breast appearance.

Implant surgery can fill in missing volume after pregnancy, helping your breasts look full again. It can also help them look higher if they have sunk a little low.

More Attractive Cleavage

Many women want beautiful cleavage to show off, but find they are revealing more sternum than breasts. A breast augmentation can help you create the cleavage you’ve wanted. Dr. Vigo can place breast implants in a specific place to help your cleavage stand out. The increased volume from breast implants can also improve cleavage.

New Wardrobe Options

New breasts mean a new shape and a new way to wear clothes. You might find your old clothes don’t look the same, but that you can wear new necklines and new styles you couldn’t before. You might enjoy a deeper V-neck or an elegant scoop neck. You might want a fit and flare dress to balance out your new shape. Breast implant surgery opens up new ways to show off your body.

A Younger-Looking Appearance

As we age, breasts can sag and lose volume. This happens to every woman, so low-hanging or flat breasts have become associated with aging. But breast augmentation surgery can fix both of these issues. When your breasts look fuller and higher, it’ll make your entire appearance change. It can make you look younger and even like you have better posture.

Improved Confidence

The majority of women who undergo breast implant surgery report feeling more confident in themselves. And confidence is good for your health. Poor confidence and self-esteem have been linked to poor health. When you feel great about your body, you take better care of your body and enjoy better overall health.

Larger Breasts

Though it sounds obvious, larger breasts are a huge benefit for many women who undergo breast augmentation. Women with very small breasts (called micromastia) see the greatest benefit from increasing their chest size with implants.

Whether it’s due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, many women are looking for ways to improve the size and shape of their breasts. Depending on your aesthetic concerns, Dr. Vigo offers a range of breast surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, breast mastopexy, and breast lifts, to address a number of concerns, including breasts that are:

– too small

– disproportionately large

– asymmetrical

– sagging

– misshapen

If you’re curious about the additional benefits from receiving a breast augmentation, or you want to know which breast surgery will best meet your aesthetic needs, Dr. Vigo can help you.

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