Botox Dubai | 25 January 2022

How rapidly will I get results from a Botox® treatment?

You will begin to get results around 4 days post treatment, but it could require 10-14 days for the full outcomes to be seen. We hope to see a huge decrease in the size and the profundity of the lines and kinks 14 days post treatment.

How long do the outcomes endure?

Commonly results can endure between 3-6 months, by and large you begin to see some muscle development around 90 days post treatment, but it requires around 5-6 months for full muscle development to return. The vast majority will quite often have Botox® treatment at regular intervals, the more you have it done, the more drawn out the outcomes will quite often endure.

Will Botox® cause me to feel numb?

No, all that will feel similarly as in the past, you won’t have any decreased sensation in the space you’ve had treated. Certain individuals have revealed that their temple feels “tight” and incidentally the forehead might feel a little weighty, however these sentiments are probably going to decrease over the initial 4 a month and a half following treatment.

How could I get ready for a Botox® treatment?

Assuming you are worried about swelling, or you will quite often wound effectively try not to take Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Vitamins for 3 days before treatment.


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