How Does the Treatment with Botulinum Toxin Reduce Sweating?

Aesthetic Medicine Dubai | 9 June 2021

Overactive perspiration organs particularly underarms, hands, feet or even on the brow, nose and upper lips can be a reason for much shame and influence self-assurance. Perspiring which is irksome, can be controlled without the utilization of effective enemy of perspirants, utilizing the most modern dermal arrangement – Botox. This facility treatment gives long haul control of perspiring at any site, so you can keep away from or essentially decrease the utilization of antiperspirants/hostile to perspirants. Lessening how much perspiring can significantly work on your personal satisfaction with a basic, protected, viable and durable treatment.

What is Botox Treatment to lessen Sweating?

Endeavors to control perspiring have customarily been by utilization of effective drying specialists – hostile to perspirants/antiperspirants or medical procedure to eliminate the perspiration organs such by sub-dermal extraction, Liposuction or nerve division. These medicines have restricted use and require day to day application or agonizing infusions or medical procedure. The Jet innovation utilizes the imaginative supersonic stream of saline to convey Botulinum poison into the skin and sweat organs without needles.

How does the treatment with Botulinum Toxin diminish perspiring?

The conveyance of Botulinum poison to the perspiration organs hinders the transmission of nerve motivations to perspire organs which can be utilized to control perspiring. Botulinum poison is accordingly compelling in the treatment of perspiring or Hyperhidrosis of the underarms (axilla), face, hands and feet. Since the receptors that are hindered by Botulinum poison are persistently start supplanted, the impact of Botulinum poison is rarely long-lasting however regularly endures 6 – a year in sweat organs.

Am I appropriate for Botulinum Toxin Treatment?

On the off chance that you are grieved by perspiring which could conceivably be constrained by skin antiperspirants and would like a drawn out treatment, then, at that point, Botox treatment might be reasonable for you. Perspiring or Hyperhidrosis can take a horrendous social cost for the individual, causing them to feel humiliated and unsure as a result of wet patches on their dress and the scent which creates from sweat. Botox Treatment have some control over perspiring and affect your personal satisfaction. Botulinum poison treatment ought not be utilized during pregnancy or bosom taking care of.

How is the treatment performed?

Beginning conference will decide the objectives of your therapy, make note of any ailments and plan the ideal treatment to accomplish the best outcome in every patient. Treatment is completed in an out-patient setting and requires 20 – 30 minutes. The treatment is easy, with an agreeable, even calming plane of saline onto the skin.

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