The first of its kind, Profhilo® is a revolutionary ‘beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment, made with the patented NAHYCO® technology. This results in a unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel, which has a prolonged stimulating activity on the dermal cells. When injected into skin, Profhilo stimulates the skin cell receptors to counteract skin laxity and improve and restore firmness of the skin.

One of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, Profhilo not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue. The most common areas of treatment include the face and neck and can also be used for the décolletage, hands, arms, knees and abdomen area where it would effectively treat skin laxity. The treatment is suitable for men and women as well as offering skin benefits for patients of all ages.


Ultra-pure hyaluronic acid is precisely injected into the area being treated. Unlike wrinkle reducing and dermal filler treatments, Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin, attracting water in the deeper layers of the skin.

As a stabilised product, the activity on dermal cells will last longer than that of a non-stabilised gel. During this time the stimulation of four different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of hyaluronic acid.

– The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement. Therefore we cannot say that Profhilo is a skin booster as it also has a significant tightening / lifting effect on the tissue.


One of the most common skin complaints across all ages and skin types is a loss of hydration. Hydration is the cornerstone of healthy skin; providing it with strength, resilience and smoothness. The hydration provided by the Profhilo process is second to none.

Although dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, Profhilo is slightly different. Unlike dermal fillers, it works in harmony with your body by helping it regain its own natural hyaluronic acid (which reduces as we age) and it also helps stimulate additional production of collagen and elastin, thus leaving your skin more youthful-looking, tighter and rejuvenated. This process, as well as tightening the skin, stimulates the production of collagen. Not only does this reinforce the skin’s resilience, but it provides elasticity. All of this works together to give your skin a glow and shine and ensures a significant decrease in wrinkles and even the prominence of some scars. You don’t need to wait very long to see the benefits of the Profhilo treatment. Results are visible almost instantly after the procedure. And speaking of speediness, the procedure itself is also very quick and not particularly intrusive. It is something you could easily fit into a lunch hour, should you wish to do so!

Even though the effect on the skin is there to be seen straight away, the hyaluronic acid has slow-release properties. This means, as good as your skin is soon after your treatment, it is due to get better. Your skin will continue to hydrate, tighten and gain elasticity over the following days, sometimes weeks.


Even though both fillers and Profhilo involve HA being injected into the face to undo signs of ageing, this is where the similarities stop. Let’s look at some differences between the treatments to help you tell your Profhilo from your fillers.

The type of HA used in dermal filler injections is thicker and more viscous than the runny consistency of Profhilo injections. And the HA that you’ll find in fillers is combined with other ingredients, unlike the highly concentrated and purified HA used for Profhilo. So, whilst hyaluronic acid is the star of the show in both injectables, the HA used for each is actually pretty different.


Whilst dermal fillers are used for altering the shape of facial features (goodbye, bumpy nose and hello, plump lips), replacing lost volume due to ageing and contouring, Profhilo doesn’t have any role in volumising or restructuring the face. So, what is Profhilo used for? Think of it like this: Profhilo is like taking a really hydrating moisturiser and, instead of slathering it on top of your skin, injecting it into your skin, helping to make it supple and hydrated from the inside. So, it provides your skin with intense moisturisation and rejuvenation – and this is why it’s often referred to as injectable skincare. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

So, whilst Profhilo and fillers might seem similar at a glance, there’s not much that’s actually the same about them… I know, mind blowing!

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