Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 March 2023

The first body component to develop to adult size may be the ears. It might be deemed noticeable if the ear sticks out excessively. About 2% of individuals think their ears stick out abnormally. The issue, which is typically acquired, is brought on by the ear’s lack of the normal ligament folds.

Most problems associated with prominent ears in young people are frequently related to bullying at school. Most medical experts recommend waiting until a child is old enough to comprehend what surgery entails before attempting it to correct prominent ears. At this age, the kid is likely to participate and enjoy the results. Remember that not all people with obvious ears want them fixed as well. Children will experience needless suffering if medical procedures are carried out on them before they are old enough to comprehend. Exercises for separate ears are therefore rarely performed on kids under the age of five because the ear ligament is frequently sensitive in the early years.

The careful alteration of recognisable ears is known as “otoplasty.” Most experts recommend postponing this procedure until a child’s ears are completely developed, which is typically around age eight. The kid should be given the freedom to choose, according to some experts. There is no one right solution to this issue; instead, various approaches should be taken with each child.

Despite the fact that adults can receive treatment while under local anesthesia, children receive treatment that also involves a general sedative. During the process, a cut is made behind the ear, close to the notch between the ear and the side of the head. The ear may have been scored on the front to weaken the ligament, a small piece of the ligament bowl (concha), or a fastener buried at the back to reshape or turn the ear closer to the head may have hidden the ligament before this cut. After that, the skin is sealed off, and the region is frequently covered with a bandage or piece of clothing for protection.

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