Forehead and brow rejuvenation

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 12 May 2019

The brow lift is the method of choice for rejuvenative surgery of the upper third of the face. It can revitalise the entire forehead, smooth out frown lines and wrinkles, and restore the position of the eyebrows. A brow lift will also raise and tighten loose skin of the upper eyelid and open up the eyes. Although the forehead is much less prone to ageing and gravitational descent than the mid and lower third of the face, it is sometimes necessary to include the forehead in combination with eyelid surgeries or a facelift as part of a complete facial rejuvenation. Since the brow and forehead are close to the eyes, most concerns related to this zone stem from sagging brow tissues that in some way affect the eye area; either by drooping skin reducing the size of the eyes, heavy brows affecting their appearance or by physical impairment of upper eyelid function. The second most frequent concern relates to folds and frown lines in the central part of the forehead, which may communicate a heavy or fatigued appearance.

Reasons for lifting the forehead and brow tissues include reversal of the gradual age-related droop (ptosis) of soft tissue which is a natural process of facial ageing, though more pronounced in some individuals. Secondly, brow lifts can be used to adjust a congenitally low and heavy brow and correct asymmetry (due to conditions such as facial palsy where lack of muscle function will result in an asymmetric sagging of forehead soft tissue).

Forehead and brow rejuvenation

Forehead and brow rejuvenation is customised to suit individual features: lifting of the brow, repositioning of descended tissues, adjustment of skin, and modulation of the muscle function responsible for lines and creases. The forehead, brow and eyes are areas where gentle adjustments can lead to major improvements. A lift of just 4-6 mm is often sufficient to open up the eyes and restore the youthful position of the eyebrows. Forehead rejuvenation usually requires lifting the outer half of the brow, as the mid-section is anatomically more stable and less prone to gravitational descent. A delicate upwards curve of the brow is aesthetically appealing. The overall aim is to position the outer part (end point) of the brow slightly higher than the inner part (the start point) with a gentle arch in-between.

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