Your facelift recovery explained from Day 1 to Day 30

Cosmetic Surgery Dubai | 15 January 2021

A face-lift (rhytidectomy) is a restorative surgery to make a more youthful appearance right in front of you. The strategy can diminish the hanging or overlays of skin on the cheeks and facial structure and different changes looking like your face that happen with age. During a cosmetic touch up, a fold of skin on each side of the face is pulled back, and tissues beneath the skin are precisely changed to return the form of the face to a more young shape. Before the fold is stitched shut, abundance skin is taken out. A neck lift (platysmaplasty) is frequently finished as a feature of a cosmetic touch up to lessen fat stores and listing skin on the neck. A cosmetic touch up won’t diminish fine wrinkles or kinks in your skin or harm from sun openness. Other corrective systems can address the appearance or nature of the actual skin.

As you age, the appearance and state of your face is adjusted due to typical age-related changes. Your skin turns out to be less flexible and looser, and fat stores decline in certain region of your face and expansion in others. Age-related changes right in front of you that might be diminished with a cosmetic touch up incorporate the accompanying:

– Drooping appearance of your cheeks

– Abundance skin at your lower facial structure (cheeks)

– Developing of the crease of skin from the side of your nose to the corner

of your mouth

– Hanging skin and overabundance fat in the neck (on the off chance that the strategy incorporates a

neck lift)


At first, you’ll converse with Dr. Vigo about a cosmetic touch up. The visit will probably include:


Plan to address inquiries concerning past and current ailments, past medical procedures, past plastic medical procedures, intricacies from past medical procedures, history of smoking and so forth. Dr. Vigo will do an actual test, may demand ongoing records from your PCP or request a meeting with a subject matter expert in the event that there are any worries about your capacity to go through a medical procedure.

Prescription REVIEW

Give the name and measurements of all meds you routinely take, including professionally prescribed drugs, non-prescription medications, home grown meds, nutrients and other dietary enhancements.


Dr. Vigo will take photographs of your face from various points and close-up photographs of certain elements. He will likewise inspect your bone construction, state of your face, fat circulation and nature of your skin to decide your most ideal choices for cosmetic touch up a medical procedure.


Dr. Vigo will pose inquiries about your assumptions for the results of a cosmetic touch up. The person in question will assist you with understanding how a cosmetic touch up will probably change your appearance and what a cosmetic touch up doesn’t address, like fine kinks or normally happening imbalance right in front of you.


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