Aesthetic Medicine Dubai | 6 May 2023

The cheek size can be reduced and the facial profile can be shaped by surgically removing buccal fat. Deep within the cheek fat lies the buccal pad. It is situated below the cheekbone, in between two facial muscles.

The size of this fat pad has an impact on the shape of the face. They are present in everyone, however they vary widely in size. Surgery can be used to reduce the size of this pad. It will offer a more angular face contour by reducing cheek fat or roundness.

Your face will appear larger or rounder if you have thick buccal fat pads. Occasionally, people will call it a “baby face.” There is nothing wrong with having larger buccal fat pads in the face, but Dr. Matteo Vigo is an expert in performing this fat removal procedure if you’d want them to seem smaller. Buccal fat reduction aims to thin down the cheek area by reducing face fat, particularly in the cheek hollows. Although having a smooth, flexible face may be linked with youth, some people feel that their faces seem overly broad or big.

Either patient’s pad may have a different size both overall and on either side of the face. Patients who have this type of cosmetic surgery typically do not have faces that are thin or elongated. They would therefore seem older and rather run down. Instead, the intention is to highlight the cheekbones. Although having larger cheeks is quite acceptable, many patients like having pronounced cheekbones. Patients may look better as a result of this procedure because to a more defined facial shape. The best aspect is that because all incisions are performed inside the patient’s lips, there are no obvious scars left behind. Additionally, it doesn’t take very long—generally, it just requires a little more than an hour.

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