Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 October 2023

There is always some risk involved with surgery. It might be as safe to get a breast augmentation and lift at the same time, though. Augmentation-mastopexy surgery offers some unique benefits in addition to resolving a range of cosmetic issues. The following reconstructive and cosmetic advantages come from combining these breast operations:

– There is less scarring

– There is less removal of skin

– The implant helps fill out the breast and improves its overall appearance so that less lifting is needed

– Combining surgeries is less expensive than having both surgeries separately

– Combining surgeries can reduce overall recovery time

The hazards are the same whether procedures are carried out alone or in tandem, and most patients would rather have only one surgical treatment, if at all feasible. Every operation, after all, comes with a certain amount of inconvenience: Patients need to make plans for time off work, find a caretaker to help them during their first recuperation, and (if they have children) find a creche facility. Doing these activities twice instead of once not only requires more labour, but it usually costs more money.

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