Breast Augmentation Dubai | 17 September 2020

Many of my patients come to me thinking bigger is always better, even when their body type could benefit from smaller implants.

With the breast augmentation gaining momentum a few years back, women were opting for large breast implants. However, the scenario has changed and women are looking for more natural results with breasts that look less obviously enhanced. This is leading to the trend of 3D imaging for breast augmentation. 3D imaging provides a higher chance of offering results as per the plan. This is also helping women to choose the implant size that results in the natural looking breast augmentation. Lifestyle is the most important factor in a decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Hence, women are seeking breast implants to balance the figure than to dominate their appearance.

To balance an active lifestyle, many women prefer smaller implants that can offer a more fit and athletic look. Advancement in breast augmentation technology is resulting in improved design, fill volumes and construction, accelerating the development of new devices that leads to less wrinkling and rippling.

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