Breast Augmentation – Preparing Emotionally

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 5 August 2018

I strive to ensure my patients are emotionally well-prepared for breast augmentation surgery. Being able to discuss any issue or question with me is a big part of identifying emotional concerns. I find most women who have breast augmentation surgery are realistic about the surgery and their anticipated results. Patients with a realistic outlook tend to have a better overall experience. Patients seeking breast enhancement for their own personal reasons – and not to fulfill someone else’s desires – also leads to better emotional satisfaction. Every patient will experience some degree of emotional stress and depression after surgery. Typically, this can reach its peak on Day 5 following surgery – due to very predictable physiological reasons (fluid retention, swelling,etc.). When patients are counseled properly to recognize the onset of this experience, they know it’s just a normal part of the healing process.

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