Breast Augmentation – Pre-Surgery Checklist

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 April 2024

During your pre-surgery planning visit, you’ll be given a checklist to ensure you are ready for surgery. Here are 10 highlights from the list:

1) Discontinue all medications that thin the blood 2 weeks prior to surgery and for 5 days after surgery (i.e., aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, etc.).

2) Make sure your “at home” support team/caregiver will provide transportation to and from the surgical facility and be available to stay with you for at least 24 hours.

3) Fill prescriptions in advance and bring them with you to your surgery.

4) Do not eat or drink any food or water after midnight on the night before surgery. Do not drink alcohol 2 weeks before or after your surgery. Drink plenty of water the day before your surgery.

5) Take a shower the night before surgery and the day of surgery using DialTM soap.

6) Confirm the choices you and I have made for your procedure, including implant size.

7) Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that you do not have to pull over your head on theday of your surgery. We suggest slippers, a zip-up hoodie and pants with an elastic waistband.

8) Do not wear make-up, deodorant, perfume, hair products, lotions or jewelry to your surgery.

9) Decide where you are going to stay to avoid extended traveling.

10) Have prune juice on-hand to help prevent constipation following surgery, which can sometimes be caused by pain medication.

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