Breast Augmentation Dubai | 28 August 2020

The breast is the symbol of femininity. A too small or too big breast, or less toned than in the past, does not enhance the woman body figure . Through my experience I can intervene to give the breast the right shape and the whole body, the look and harmony that every woman desires.

Every woman desire is to be comfortable with her body, to feel beautiful and attractive. A beautiful and balanced body definitely depends on the breast, symbol of femininity. When the breasts are not in proportion to the other forms, a woman may feel dissatisfaction in looking in the mirror and insecurity in being with others.

How to have more pronounced, feminine and charming forms? The woman can rely on the breast enlargement surgery that allows to increase the volume and shape of the breast. In this way the breast acquires the right size and it can bring harmony to the entire body.


During the first visit I carefully examine the breasts in order to understand their current position, size and proportion. In this way I can find a customized solution in relation also to my patient’s wishes and achievable results. I try to give the breast a natural and well-defined shape, a breast that “fits” well and that, like a dress, is consistent with the woman’s personality.

I only use high quality implants. After engraving, I place the implant creating a pocket above or below the pectoralis muscle or following the most recent technique called Dual plane. Once the incision is closed, I might apply a drainage for few days. The surgery takes one hour and it can be done as a day case. Upon awakening, it is normal for a light swelling to appear and vanish in a few days. After about seven days, I meet my patient again in order to evaluate the healing process and to remove the small stitches excluding the ones that will vanish naturally. For the following month I recommend to wear a compression bra that supports the breasts without excessive pressure. Rest is very important, for the first fifteen days it is necessary to limit physical activity and avoid driving for the first week. 

The patient will fully return normal after about six weeks. The result? The woman can appreciate her new forms, a breast that makes her body beautiful, attractive and seductive in harmony with the rest of it.

Doubts or questions? It’s only natural to have any! Are you considering a breast augmentation? This is the big question of which is followed by plenty of brief, but equally important questions about what to expect. If you’ve never had any type of surgery or breast augmentation before you need to be advised of what to expect. Here, I share the steps towards making your final decision.

The first part of the decision making process is an honest conversation with your doctor. In this meeting you and your surgeon will review your surgical options and measurements that suit your body structure. It’s important to note that no two breast augmentations will ever be the same – the individual size and shape of your chest really does matter Your doctor can help find the most suitable look for you. Is there a type of implant that would be better for me? Why?

Keeping in mind that no two surgeries will ever be the same, it’s important to ask the right questions. These questions should be specific to your health and expectations. Ask for everything from surgeon and anaesthesiologist certifications to the type of equipment they plan to use during the procedure. Other questions you can ask include:

What are your qualifications/experience with breast augmentations?

Is there a type of implant that would be better for me? Why?

Is now a good time in life for me to get breast implants?

Am I mentally in a good place to get this surgery?

What is your typical before and after surgery? Can you walk me through a patient’s typical journey?

What are the risks or complications of a surgery?

The best way you can be prepared for this surgery is to do your own research. It is a big change, so you’ll want to spend a good amount of time preparing yourself. Come up with your own questions and try to find a look that you’d be happy with. Your doctor won’t be able to replicate it, but it will be an important part of deciding what look you ultimately want to end up with. Don’t forget, we’re here to help you feel safe and secure throughout the whole process.


For many, deciding to get a breast augmentation is exciting and the mind tends to focus on the final product – the post-surgery look. However, it is also common to feel nervous about the operation.


No surgery is without its risks. However, breast augmentation surgery is incredibly routine for a specialised surgeon, and issues are more likely to arise from the surgical materials rather than the procedure itself. Your surgeon will need to assess the materials they are using for the implant to best suit your body, as well as the drugs and tools they use throughout the process. As such, it is essential to provide a thorough medical history to your surgeon in order to avoid complications from allergic reactions. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid complications of surgery, dramatically reducing the risk of something going wrong.


One of the biggest issues people don’t often talk about is the psychological impact of getting your breasts done. The physical changes are going to affect your lifestyle in one way or another and it’s important you go into the surgery well prepared, not just physically but also mentally. Therefore, a psychological evaluation should be conducted before your surgery to ensure you’re in a good place to accept these changes. At the end of this exam, it should be clear to you and your evaluator that you are mentally stable enough to handle a surgery.

Pre-existing conditions suggestive of psychological insecurity, for example eating disorders, can often disqualify a candidate from undergoing breast augmentation. Unfortunately, such conditions are linked to higher rates of depression post surgery. Those undergoing breast augmentation should also ensure they have realistic expectations about the surgery. No surgeon can precisely replicate the breasts of your favourite celebrity – the job will be unique to your body and its needs.


Of course, any concerns you have and how best to prepare for your surgery can be addressed in your consultation with your surgeon. Set up a meeting today, and I’ll answer any more questions you may have about breast augmentation.

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