Breast Augmentation – Things to consider before your surgery

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 22 March 2019

During your consultation, you should aim to articulate your wishes for surgery and any concerns you may have. It is quite understandable that many patients will feel shy when discussing surgery; however, I will have spoken to hundreds of patients about similar issues and will do my absolute best to put you at your ease.

The more that you can prepare for your consultation, the more you are likely to get from it. Once you have booked your first consultation, you should try to doing a little “homework” by reading about the operation on the Internet. It is also often helpful to write your questions down; many patients comment that they remembered their most important question just as they were leaving the clinic.

What to expect

I will start the consultation by taking a medical “history”. You will be asked about any illnesses or operations you have had in the past, and any strong family history of illness. It is probable that this will start with questions about your concerns and expectations. If you are taking any medicines, you should be able to provide a list for me. You will also be asked about any allergies to medicines, dressings, latex etc. This will be followed by an examination where several measurements will be taken of the chest wall and the breasts. It is likely that pre-operative photographs will be taken after the examination. I will then discuss the surgery, its implications, limitations and any potential complications. You will then have a chance to ask any questions that you might have. If you are planning breast enlargement surgery, I will spend some time with you deciding on the size and style of the implants that will be used. Taking a friend or relative to a consultation can help put some patients at ease.

Things to consider before your surgery

Before booking your surgery date, it is important to consider events you may be attending in the near future, such as a wedding, holiday or work function. Please ensure you schedule your surgery as far away from these events as possible to give yourself time to make a full recovery.

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