4 July 2018

If you’ve been researching breast augmentation, the chances are you’ve seen sizes mentioned like 250cc or 330cc. Maybe you expected implants to be sized in cup sizes like bras, so what does ‘cc’ actually mean?

Well, to be more accurate than bra cup sizes, which vary between brands, breast implants are measured in ‘cc’ or ‘cubic centimetres’ of liquid volume. This way it’s a fixed measurement and we all know exactly what size, or volume implant we’re dealing with.

I’d always advise coming in to try real implants in a bra and using our Crisalix system in the clinic. Before you try them on, I will ask you all a host of questions to determine the look you want to achieve. Whether it’s natural, or a more accentuated ‘glamour’ look. I’ll also take some precise measurements to identify the size of your breast pocket. This is unique to you and is related to both your height and frame size. It’s what I use to make sure you keep the right proportions. I’ll also discuss the positioning and help you decide between over the muscle, under or partial. This is where my expertise and years of experience really makes the difference.

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