How to convince a doubting family that Breast Augmentation is a good idea

1 July 2018

So, you’ve made the decision to have breast augmentation. Now you’ve got to break it to the family…and you’re not sure of their response!

Well the full support of your family, no matter who it is, your mum, your husband, your sister, or even your children, to most women, their approval is incredibly important. It’s the permission to go ahead. It’s the confirmation that ‘Yes, I will be there for you…I understand and I’ll help you through it.’ Great if that’s their response. But what if you suspect they might take some convincing? Or maybe they’ll never come round to your way of thinking.

Picking your moment can mean the difference between a great listening ear that’s willing to take on board your ideas and your feelings, as opposed to a negative, dismissive attitude. Dismissive is unhelpful and probably means you’re going to have to attempt this conversation again.

So, choose a time when everyone is relaxed, when there’s not another family crisis in the wings. You need their full attention to give yourself an uninterrupted chance to explain. Decide whether to speak to people individually, and a have a real heart to heart, or whether you’re going to get everyone together as a group.

Husbands worry that a new fresh faced wife, or bigger boobed partner may suddenly decide to leave them. It’s up to you to prepare for this reaction and put their mind at rest. Sisters can also step into the same arena, not liking the idea that the new you might look younger or more attractive. Helping them understand your reasons can sometimes be the clincher. You may also have to consider going ahead without their support, but be careful, it can disrupt some relationships beyond repair.

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