Breast Augmentation – Choosing your “at home” support

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 7 August 2018

Choosing your “at home” support team is a critical decision. They will be elevated to super-human status immediately following your surgery, and should be worthy of the role. Your “at home” care team must:

1) Be present at your final pre-surgery planning appointment tofully understand post-surgery instructions and to become familiar with all the items in your take-home supply kit.

2) Drop you off and pick you up on the day of surgery.

3) Stay with you throughout your first night at home.

4) Ensure you take all medications as scheduled and follow all instructions in your take home materials.

5) Not smoke in your recovery area.

6) Help you bathe, change clothing, prepare meals, and do allthe heavy lifting in the days following surgery.

7) Be prepared to stay up all night following surgery, if necessary.

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