Fillers in Dubai | 18 November 2023

Dermal fillers are getting more and more popular in Dubai as individuals attempt to preserve their finest appearance for as long as possible. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and softness. Dermal fillers are one treatment for this.

Patients who want to seem their best frequently ask Dr. Vigo questions. Even if it could appear like a small issue, its significance is well understood by us. When we are pleased with how we look, we become more confident. When we are more confident in ourselves, we find it easier to speak with friends, family, coworkers, and other individuals in social circumstances. We have no problem shining our brightest lights and giving it our best.

Dermal fillers are created using hyaluronic acid, a synthetic form of a naturally occurring sugar found in skin. Hyaluronic acid production does not entail the use of animals. The fillers are used in a variety of circumstances, including: (Salivary fold) Run-off from the nose to the mouth crease Lip lines for definition and volume above the upper lip The cheeks will swell out, giving the backs of the hands more volume. Lines that go from the lips to the chin are called melomental folds.

We’ll guide you step-by-step through this quick and easy procedure. Prior to administering the injection, we first numb the treatment region with a local anaesthetic. The filler is then utilised. It just takes a few minutes, and you’ll see the change right away. After that, you’ll be prepared to see the world from a different angle. Depending on the region treated, your skin type, and the injection technique utilised, it lasts for six to twelve months. You will gradually grow plumper as you undergo the procedure more frequently.


Aesthetic Medicine Dubai | 12 November 2023

If you want to change something about the way you look, a lip lift can be the answer. Lip lifts are a common procedure performed to smooth out wrinkles and enlarge lips. This method can also assist with sun exposure, ageing, and genetically-induced sagging skin around the lips. The skin above the lips can be elevated using a lip lift to correct its drooping and sagging look. It can be quite uncomfortable to eat and drink when the lips and teeth are visible. 

Under local anaesthesia, the procedure may be completed in as little as an hour, and there is little recovery time. Regretfully, not many individuals are even aware that this method exists; if they are, they may use

The top lip frequently begins to wrinkle, sag, and droop over time due to exposure to smoking and other environmental factors. A reduction in the thickness of the inner mouth lining also results in a loss of definition. Another cause of drooping lips and skin is overuse of sunscreen. If you spend too much time in the sun without wearing sunscreen, your lips will typically deteriorate before your face does since they are continually exposed to UV radiation that is bad for your skin.

Most frequently, the result is a wider, more realistic grin with “younger-looking lips,” according to many patients.  


Aesthetic Medicine Dubai | 6 November 2023 

To alter the look of the face and lower cheek size, buccal fat can be surgically removed. The buccal pad is located deep within the cheek fat. It is located between two face muscles, below the cheekbone. 

The size of this fat pad affects the shape of the face. They exist in all people, however they differ greatly in size. Through surgery, the size of this pad can be reduced. It will reduce roundness or fat in the cheeks, giving the face a more angular shape.

If you have dense buccal fat pads, your face will seem bigger or rounder. Sometimes others will refer to it as a “baby face.” There is nothing wrong with having larger buccal fat pads in the face, but if you wish them to seem smaller, Dr. Matteo Vigo is skilled at executing this fat removal surgery. Buccal fat reduction reduces facial fat, especially in the cheek hollows, with the goal of thinning the cheek region. Even while having a flexible, smooth face is often associated with youth, some people believe that their faces are too broad or large.

The pads on each patient’s faces might be different sizes overall and on either side. Patients who have this kind of cosmetic surgery frequently do not have narrow or long faces. Therefore, they would appear older and more worn-down. Instead, the cheekbones are meant to be highlighted. Larger cheeks are perfectly fine, however many patients prefer prominent cheekbones. This technique may improve patients’ appearance due to a more defined face shape. The best part is that there are no noticeable scars left behind because all incisions are made inside the patient’s lips. Furthermore, it doesn’t take very long; often, it only takes a little bit longer than an hour.


Abdominoplasty Dubai | 1 November 2023

The midriff can be severely disfigured by excess skin and fat after giving birth or decreasing weight. Many women discover that their muscles and skin don’t recover to their previous appearance, especially after having twins or a second child, which may cause a repetitive strain in the belly. Through the removal of excess skin and fat and the strengthening of the abs, abdominal surgery, often known as “stomach fold” surgery, reduces the size of the waist. If you don’t smoke, maintain a steady weight, and have reasonable expectations, you have a high chance of acquiring a belly fold.

The stomach wall is made of skin, fat, and muscle. There is the rectus sash, a substantial band that covers the rectus abdominis muscles, which are the “six pack” of abdominal muscles. This fascial layer is commonly weakened and loosened by pregnancy and weight increase. As a result, a patient’s stomach wall may become loose after becoming in shape or having kids. During the procedure, the fascial layer that covers the rectus abdominis muscles is restored while the extra skin and fat are removed.

An even cut is made inside the lower stomach’s two-piece line during the abdominoplasty procedure. The incision may be done in the same location and extended to the sides for patients who have previously had a C-segment. The excess skin and fat are controlled and redraped while the rectus abdominis muscles of the stomach are tightened. The umbilicus, or navel, must typically be moved during an abdominal surgical procedure by making a second incision. The “small scale” abdominoplasty method does not move the navel but fixes the lower abdominal muscles while eliminating fat and skin using a constrained flat swimsuit cut.

Sometimes liposuction and stomach surgery are combined to contour the flanks. Only a tiny number of patients choose to have their breasts elevated, given more volume, or both after surgery. A “mom makeover” surgery is when a breast lift is combined with a procedure to remove excess skin from the tummy.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 31 October 2023

Dr. Vigo will walk you through setting up your schedule. Should you smoke, for example, you could be advised to give it up two months prior to starting therapy. Smoking raises your risk of wound and chest infections, which can significantly impede your healing process. Recovering from a chest disease will be considerably more difficult if you hack. In addition to lowering blood flow to the skin, smoking can cause wounds to heal more slowly.

Dr. Vigo may likewise encourage you to:

– lose abundance weight – you ought to be as near the best weight for your level as conceivable before your activity

– quit taking the prophylactic pill four to about a month and a half before your activity, to lessen the possibilities of a blood coagulation (apoplexy) – ensure you utilize an elective technique for contraception

You have stomach fold a medical procedure under an overall sedative. This implies you’ll be sleeping during the activity. Before an overall sedative, you are typically asked not to eat or drink for six hours in advance. Your specialist or anesthetist will offer you explicit guidance on what you could conceivably eat or drink and for how some time before the activity.

Tummy Tuck Dubai

Your specialist will ensure you comprehend what will occur previously, during and after your activity. They’ll likewise make sense of what for expect when you awaken and what level of uneasiness or torment you could have. This is your chance to pose any excess inquiries you have about the dangers, advantages and options in contrast to the strategy. This will assist you with being educated, so you can give your assent for the activity to go for it. You’ll be approached to sign an assent structure. Your specialist might request that you wear pressure stockings from the hour of your activity until you are completely physically functional once more. This assists with forestalling blood clusters shaping in the veins in your legs.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 24 October 2023

Breast augmentation surgery requires general anaesthesia, takes one to two hours on average, and can be done throughout the day or overnight. It’s important to restrict light activity and avoid heavy lifting for seven to ten days following surgery. After surgery, patients may usually return to driving and working 10 days later. After surgery, athletes should refrain from hard workouts and sports for three to four weeks. 

Breast augmentation may expand your bust size and bring your breasts into better proportion with the rest of your body, which can boost your confidence and make you seem better. Breast augmentation can also be used to correct drooping breasts or size differences that might appear after breast-feeding or pregnancy. 

The finest breast augmentation option for you must be carefully considered because there are many options and choices available. You should be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of each choice before going over your alternatives with your surgeon.Breast implants will increase the size of your breasts, but the form of your breasts won’t alter at all; in fact, following the surgery, the contrast between your breasts’ size and shape can even be more obvious.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 18 October 2023

The premise of the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure, popularly known as the “Vampire Facelift” or “Dracula Therapy,” is that the body’s own healing mechanisms may have the capacity to both suddenly reverse and slow down the ageing process.

We believe that the skin should heal and rejuvenate itself precisely where development components are positioned inside a progressive repair framework.

Platelets contain high levels of “development factors,” or proteins that aid in the repair of injured skin or tissue. The surrounding cells divide as a result of the platelets’ release of growth factors during reinfusion, animating the fix, adding volume, and rejuvenating the skin.

An avant-garde With the use of the concentrated platelet rich plasma system, I am able to treat large volumes of whole blood, allowing me to treat more areas in a single appointment and reducing the frequency of visits for patients. The patient’s blood is drawn during the procedure, processed (in a rotator) to isolate the platelet-rich plasma, and then injected once again into the targeted area. The procedure offers the skin a plumped appearance, smoothes out minor variances and kinks, and makes the skin appear overall more radiant. Additionally, the method is fantastic for healing wounds.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 12 October 2023

Breast sagging may develop during childbirth, breastfeeding, or abrupt weight loss. It is a typical aspect of ageing. Women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts owing to ptosis may choose for breast lift surgery in addition to breast augmentation.

When in front of a mirror, check the distance between your nipples and the crease under your breasts. If your nipples were lower than your breast crease before to surgery, adding implants won’t do anything other than cause your breasts to droop even more. I often advise women in this condition to seek breast augmentation and a breast lift.Breast lifts are the most challenging kind of female breast surgery. 


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai |  11 October 2023

Do you know about the Mommy Makeover? The popularity of this combination of surgical treatments is growing daily. Every patient receives a unique Mommy Makeover package designed to return her postpartum physique to its pre-pregnancy form. The stomach tuck is included in several packages.The uterus expands to accommodate the growth of the baby inside the woman’s body. 

This has the unfortunate side effect of stretching the abdominal muscles apart and weakening the abdominal wall. Muscle tissue sags and bulges, the skin of the stomach stretches, and excess fatty tissue forms in the region. This makes the abdomen look out of shape by creating a “pooch” of flab, along with stretch marks in the skin. 

To restore the abdominal wall, trim away excess skin, remove stretch marks, and suction out excess fatty tissue, we offer the tummy tuck as an option for your Mommy Makeover package.


Fillers in Dubai |  9 October 2023

Every single person is distinct. Variations in lip form, metabolism, heredity, risk factors, and aesthetic goals are all included in this. Instead of comparing your lip, architecture, or volume to someone else’s, embrace your uniqueness! It’s what makes us unique.

How long does it take?

– 10 minutes of topical numbing

– 10 minutes of procedure

Is it painful?

– Most clients have minimal discomfort, on a scale of 1-10, they are a 2-3. This is less painful than laser hair-removal, thanks to our unique numbing technique!

How swollen will I be?

– Everyone is different, some people swell up while others do not, swelling depends on multiple factors. Just because you didn’t swell one time, does not mean you will not swell the next time you do a treatment. Sometimes an anti-swelling medication will be given after your injection. I can address this at the time of the visit. Major swelling typically lasts less than 4 days on average, while minor residual swelling can last 14-21 days.

What about bruises?

– Some people are pre-disposed to bruise, avoiding vitamins, alcohol, and ibuprofen type products can decrease the chances of a bruise. Bruising comes in three sizes: Small (like the tip of a needle), medium (like the back of pencil eraser or two pencils erasers), and large (gum-ball sized). Depending on the type of bruise they can last 2-3 days or up to 2 weeks respectively.  Arnika pills can be purchased during your visit that can help heal bruises. From time to time a laser can be used to speed up the process if warranted for specific cases.

How long does it last?

– Typically lip injections last 6 months depending on multiple factors including product used. I’ve seen people that have had fillers lasting as little as 2 months and as much as 1 year.



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