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Breast Augmentation Dubai | 18 July 2023

Most of my patients have very straightforward plans for their breast augmentation procedures. In addition, if you are older (over 40), have given birth more than once, or have lost a significant amount of weight, you might want to think about getting a breast lift.

When a patient has just modest breast drooping and a little amount of excess, high-quality skin, implants can raise the breasts enough without the need for additional surgical lifting. This is particularly true if the implants are placed underneath the muscle. If the patient has little sagging, placing the implant under the breast will ensure perky, natural, and firm outcomes.

If the patient has poor skin quality, stretch marks, large quantities of sagging skin, low-resting nipples, or it seems that the skin, glands, and chest wall are not engaged, a lift is necessary to provide the greatest cosmetic effect. Some younger women fall into these categories as well, albeit older women are more prone to do so. If you’ve given birth more than once, it’s likely that the repeated expansion and contraction of the breast tissue has left you with loose skin, stretch marks, and decreased breast volume (especially in the upper half of the breast). Breasts that are flat and drooping are commonly seen in women under the age of 40 who have lost a significant amount of weight.  

Although mastopexy augmentation is typically less demanding and more economical, some surgeons avoid combining breast augmentation with lift surgery due to the added complexity. It is easier for the patient and enhances the chance of a successful outcome when breast augmentation and lift operations are combined into a single treatment.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 12 July 2023

Breast sagging can result after pregnancy, nursing, or rapid weight reduction. It is a normal part of growing older. In addition to breast augmentation, women who are unhappy with the way their breasts seem due to ptosis may choose breast lift surgery.

When in front of a mirror, check the distance between your nipples and the crease under your breasts. If your nipples were lower than your breast crease before to surgery, adding implants won’t do anything other than cause your breasts to droop even more. I often advise women in this condition to seek breast augmentation and a breast lift.Breast lifts are the most challenging kind of female breast surgery. 


Breast Enlargement Dubai | 10 July 2023

When it comes to sizing, Dr. Vigo urges his patients to focus more on proportion and shape rather than cup size. It is extremely subjective to measure the cup size of patients seeking breast augmentation. Even breasts on the same body are not identical between two persons! Before I can determine your final size, I must evaluate your skeletal and muscular make-up, general anatomy, and the quality, thickness, and suppleness of the present tissue.

These elements have a role in the widely varied ways that bras are worn by various people. Additionally, sizes differ significantly across manufacturers.So while thinking about your new size, concentrate more on proportion and shape. Most importantly, don’t base your choice of size on what a friend or your significant other may have.

During your appointment, we will carefully select the implant size based on dimensions rather than volume.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 9 July 2023

A surgical treatment never comes without risk. Having said that, undergoing a breast lift and augmentation treatment together can be just as safe as doing it separately. Aside from correcting a wide range of cosmetic issues, augmentation-mastopexy surgery offers several unique benefits. Combining these breast surgeries gives a number of cosmetic and reconstructive advantages:

– There is less scarring

– There is less removal of skin

– The implant helps fill out the breast and improves its overall appearance so that less lifting is needed

– Combining surgeries is less expensive than having both surgeries separately

– Combining surgeries can reduce overall recovery time

The hazards are the same whether procedures are carried out alone or in tandem, and most patients would rather have only one surgical treatment, if at all feasible. Every operation, after all, comes with a certain amount of inconvenience: Patients need to make plans for time off work, find a caretaker to help them during their first recuperation, and (if they have children) find a creche facility. Doing these activities twice instead of once not only requires more labour, but it usually costs more money.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 6 July 2023

If you’ve ever heard someone jokingly say they wish they could transfer more fat from their waist to their breasts, we have some good news for you: It is actually possible using a procedure called “fat transfer breast augmentation.”

This surgery involves injecting breasts with fat that has been liposuctioned from a certain body part (the thighs, arms, love handles, or back). This surgery is perfect for people who only desire a little increase in breast size. It can help lessen imperfections, improve breast form, and increase your breasts by using your own natural fat cells. Additionally, individuals who already have implants can increase the size of their breasts even more by having fat transferred into them rather than having an implant replacement treatment. Breast augmentation is always breast augmentation, regardless of whether you label it “augmentation light.” 

It’s important to keep in mind that even though a surgeon may just employ local anaesthetic, fat transfer to the breasts is still a surgical operation. Even though the recovery after fat grafting usually only lasts three to five days and entails little discomfort and swelling, it’s still crucial to follow your surgeon’s instructions for complete healing.

Fat transfer procedures essentially accomplish two goals at once, which accounts for their popularity. In the end, the patient is able to define their shape by contouring and moulding their body by eliminating fat from a region with excess fat. While waiting, the fat can be used once again to augment the breasts in a way that feels and looks very natural. Hearing this idea puts a lot of women at ease. In the end, there is no risk of an allergic response, a rupture, or implant rejection with fat grafting.


Cosmetic Clinic Dubai | 1 July 2023

The ears may be the first body component to grow to adult size. If the ear stands out too far, it could be seen. 2% of people believe that their ears stick out abnormally. The problem, which is often acquired, is caused by the absence of the unique ligament folds in the ear.

Bullying at school is typically the root cause of the majority of big ear issues in young people. Most medical professionals advise avoiding surgery to treat children’s protruding ears until they are old enough to understand what it entails. The youngster is likely to participate at this age and find pleasure in the outcomes. Keep in mind that not everyone who has an obvious ear wants it corrected. 

If medical operations are performed on children before they are old enough to understand them, they will suffer needlessly. Therefore, because the ear ligament is normally sensitive in the early years, exercises for different ears are rarely carried out on children under the age of five.

The exact modification of easily identifiable ears is referred to as “otoplasty”. The majority of medical professionals advise delaying this therapy until the child’s ears are fully formed, which is often around age eight. The right of the kid to make their own decisions is supported by certain specialists. There are several successful strategies that may be used with each child to address this issue; there isn’t just one.

Children frequently receive therapy that also includes a general sedative, even though adults can receive treatment while under local anaesthetic. A cut is made behind the ear, at the notch between the ear and the side of the head, during the procedure. A little portion of the ligament bowl (concha) may have been cut, the front of the ear may have been cut, or the ligament may have been secured with a fastener hidden in the rear if the ear was reshaped or twisted towards the head. When the skin is sealed off, the region is frequently covered with a bandage or piece of clothing to provide protection.


Botox Dubai | 28 June 2023

Patients often ask me about the science of Botox, or how it works. This FDA approved drug is what is known as a neuromodulator – a messenger released from a neuron in the central nervous system, or in the periphery, that affects groups of neurons, or effector cells that have the appropriate receptors. In other words, I inject the Botox directly into the underlying muscle, which then relaxes and smooths out the appearance of the skin that covers it. The one injection typically lasts about three months.

Let’s explore 3 benefits of Botox:

Benefit of Botox #1: Helps Relieve Migraines

The first benefit of Botox is that it helps relieve migraines. Chronic migraines can be debilitating. I remember a good friend in college who regularly had to close all of the blinds and curtains in her apartment for hours at a time when a migraine struck. It didn’t matter what she had scheduled for the day, she was down for the count. While that was certainly inconvenient for a college student, the impact is much greater for adults with jobs, families and other responsibilities.

The International Headache Society defines a chronic migraine as a “headache occurring on 15 or more days/month for more than 3 months, which, on at least 8 days/month, has the features of migraine headache.” In addition, the headaches last for an extended duration and the pain can be more severe. No wonder the people who suffer from this condition – and their families – want to get rid of the pain to improve their quality of everyday life.

Benefits of Botox #2: Alleviation of TMJ

The second benefit of Botox is that it can alleviate pain caused by TMJ disorder. Anyone who has been diagnosed with TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) understands the lifetime of discomfort and sometimes downright pain that it can elicit. Historically, people with TMJ utilize their nightguard regularly – I know some who can’t sleep or even nap without it – but did you know that Botox is now commonly used to help relieve the symptoms? People with TMJ generally experience grinding of the teeth which causes headaches, uncomfortable jaw tension and sometimes lockjaw. Others find themselves unable to sleep due to the discomfort, so not only are they groggy during the day, but they also have chronic facial pain. It’s no way to live.

Benefits of Botox #3: Botox Cosmetic Takes the Years Off

The final benefit of Botox is that it can take years off your appearance and make you feel sexy again. I can’t tell you how many patients of all ages come into the clinic and say “When did I turn into my mother?” While we all love mommy dearest, that doesn’t mean that we want to look like the family matriarch quite yet. Enter Botox to save the day, since a minor injection or two can take years off of a complexion.

Most people use Botox to target moderate to severe smile lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. We all love to laugh, but those years of sly smirks and full-blown belly laughs take their toll on our faces. Simply by smoothing certain lines on the face we can minimize the effect of all of those happy moments. In addition, those pesky lines can be caused by a loss of elasticity or collagen, genetics, dehydrated skin, smoking and a cause quite common in sunny Dubai: sun damage. The years worshipping the sun on our beautiful beaches have life-long side effects. While smile lines around the eyes or laugh lines around the mouth are more noticeable as the years go by, they’re easily treated with Botox.


Plastic Surgery Dubai | 22 June 2023

Dr. Vigo will make sense of how for plan for your activity. For instance, on the off chance that you smoke you will be approached to plug as long as about two months before your medical procedure. Smoking expands your gamble of getting a chest and wound contamination, which can fundamentally sluggish your recuperation. Hacking from a chest disease will make recuperation considerably more difficult. Smoking likewise diminishes how much blood that arrives at your skin, and that implies your injuries might mend all the more leisurely.

Dr. Vigo may likewise encourage you to:

– lose abundance weight – you ought to be as near the best weight for your level as conceivable before your activity

– quit taking the prophylactic pill four to about a month and a half before your activity, to lessen the possibilities of a blood coagulation (apoplexy) – ensure you utilize an elective technique for contraception

You have stomach fold a medical procedure under an overall sedative. This implies you’ll be sleeping during the activity. Before an overall sedative, you are typically asked not to eat or drink for six hours in advance. Your specialist or anesthetist will offer you explicit guidance on what you could conceivably eat or drink and for how some time before the activity.

Tummy Tuck Dubai

Your specialist will ensure you comprehend what will occur previously, during and after your activity. They’ll likewise make sense of what for expect when you awaken and what level of uneasiness or torment you could have. This is your chance to pose any excess inquiries you have about the dangers, advantages and options in contrast to the strategy. This will assist you with being educated, so you can give your assent for the activity to go for it. You’ll be approached to sign an assent structure. Your specialist might request that you wear pressure stockings from the hour of your activity until you are completely physically functional once more. This assists with forestalling blood clusters shaping in the veins in your legs.


Fillers in Dubai | 19 June 2023

Quick Results and No Downtime

One of the greatest advantages of utilizing dermal fillers? They give prompt outcomes. When you go through a filler infusion, you will see your appearance change before long. On top of this, you don’t need to stress over recuperation time like you would following plastic medical procedure. As a matter of fact, you can finish the filler treatment in only 10 minutes relying upon the quantity of regions requiring treatment. Then, you’re allowed to proceed with your day to day tasks or even return to work. Truth be told, a filler treatment is once in a while depicted as a “noon facelift.” Talk about an extraordinary mid-day break.

The secondary effects you might insight because of your filler treatment are negligible. Only a tad enlarging or redness close to your infusion site is typical. That being said, this enlarging and redness ought to vanish in no less than a few hours or at some point. Meanwhile, you can essentially cover it up with cosmetics.

You may all the more usually experience swelling, however you can normally stay away from this by adhering to my directions preceding your filler treatment arrangement.

Durable Effects

One more advantage of fillers is the enduring outcomes you’ll appreciate subsequent to getting them. In most of cases, you’ll remain looking more young and delightful for around one year. Be that as it may, you should go in for a fast final detail arrangement in four to a half year following your underlying treatment. It’s to your greatest advantage to keep up with your filler results. You can do this just by planning your next treatment before your filler has gotten the opportunity to totally process.

Useful for the Skin

Most fillers highlight a characteristic skin part that help the skin – a significant in addition to for patients keen on getting filler infusions. Hyaluronic corrosive present in fillers are normally happening substances in the skin. In this manner, when they are infused, they’ll feel normal underneath your skin. It’s simply one more motivation to cherish the skin you’re in after you seek a filler treatment.

Unpretentious Results

In the event that you decide to get dermal fillers, you’ll likewise adore how unobtrusive and normal looking the outcomes are. That is precisely exact thing you need assuming you’re similar to most patients. All things considered, who genuinely needs to seem to be an entirely unexpected person after the treatment than the individual was before it? You basically need to be your best self. With dermal fillers, most of individuals won’t actually understand what you had done. All they’ll see is that you look astonishing.

Fearlessness Builder

Individuals who get dermal fillers for the most part further develop their fearlessness following their treatment. They just love the way their fillers look and feel. On account of an accomplished stylish professional, you can accomplish astounding regular looking outcomes and love the way you look like at no other time.


Breast Augmentation Dubai | 16 June 2023

Fat grafting, also known as autologus fat transfer, has emerged as a promising technique for breast augmentation without involving breast implants. In this technique, the surgeon will remove excess fat tissue from other areas of the body – usually buttocks, thighs and abdomen – using liposuction. The tissue is then processed and purified for injection into the breast area to enhance the breast size.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will explain all aspects of breast augmentation with fat transfer and discuss its pros and cons in comparison to traditional breast implants.


Fat grafting has been traditionally used for buttock enhancement, lip enhancement, and other relatively minor areas. However, its use as a breast augmentation procedure is still fairly new. But a growing number of women now seek this technique because the results can be more subtle and more refined with fat transfer. The condition is that the surgeon should have the right skills to sculpt a desirable and natural looking shape and size of breasts.

Patients should be aware that in a few cases, the fat injected into the breast area may be reabsorbed by the body over the years.

This can result in the breast losing some volume in the long run. Therefore, some plastic surgeons may initially add more fat than what the patient may currently need. In any case, the pre-requisite for this procedure is that the patient should have adequate excess fat tissue available in donor areas to perform a safe and successful fat transfer surgery.


Some of the key benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation over breast implants include:

Autologous Fat

The procedure involves use of the patient’s own excess fat tissue instead of synthetic implants. This ensures complete biocompatibility because the fat belongs to the patient’s own body. Breast implants, on the other hand, will trigger the body’s immune response, which can sometimes lead to capsular contracture. Implant rippling, shifting of the implant from its position, and implant leakage or damage are other concerns with breast implants, which are entirely avoided in case of fat transfer augmentation.

Enhanced Body Contours

An incidental gain with fat grafting breast enhancement is that excess fat is removed from one or more areas where the patient already wants fat reduction.

Liposuction procedure is usually performed to remove excess fat tissue, which will create more even and youthful looking contours in the donor areas. With slimmer contours in other areas and fat transfer in the breasts, it will further accentuate the breast appearance and create an overall sculpted aesthetic look.

Natural Touch and Feel

Many patients report that breast enhancement with fat grafting mimics the sensation and feel soft, much like the natural breasts.

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