5 Things You Should Know Before You Have Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Dubai | 1 October 2022

Have you made the decision to get breast implants? Have you been continuously conducting research and using Google? even reading blogs like this one, perhaps? You are not alone in making this important choice. There are a lot of questions and concerns among many women going through the same procedure about selecting the best choice for themselves. While doing your study and preparation is crucial, there are several important aspects of breast augmentation that you need to be aware of before surgery.

The five most important things you should be aware of before receiving breast implants are included here as a handy checklist so that you are better prepared for this exciting new development.


While doing your research before surgery is crucial, many patients overlook the necessity to recover from surgery and get ready for the healing process beforehand. Since breast augmentation is a major procedure, patients must have their recuperation area set up when they return home. Plan ahead to have your pain prescriptions ready and supplied, as well as extra help with care, movies or books, especially if you have children. Plan to take enough time off from your job, the gym, and being a mom as well. Overextending yourself might lead to issues and possibly prolong your healing period.


The selection of an experienced plastic surgeon to perform your surgery is the most crucial phase in the breast augmentation procedure. You will achieve the finest results if you choose a highly regarded plastic surgeon such as Dr. Matteo Vigo. You can find the ideal plastic surgeon for you by consulting with other friends or family members about whom they have recommendations and by conducting additional internet research about local surgery facilities. In addition to being crucial for the actual operation, your surgeon will serve as your advisor when it comes to choosing the best course of action for you before the procedure. Pay attention to their knowledge because they are the experts.


Patients frequently inquire about implant size, shape, and type when considering breast augmentation. Women are becoming more fitness-focused today and prefer an enhancement that looks more natural. With this kind of surgery, women must take into account their lifestyle, body type, and overall objective, but keep in mind that every woman is unique. Every woman’s breast implant size (or CC) seems distinct, therefore every breast augmentation procedure is unique. Each augmentation has a unique appearance on each patient depending on the patient’s body type, chest width, and overall implant type.


If you’ve looked into breast augmentation, you’ve probably come across information on how disappointed ladies are with their “new boob” following surgery. High expectations can result from modifying a physical characteristic of your body for cosmetic reasons. Patients must allow their bodies enough time to recuperate. There will be times when they appear too little and you wish you had chosen a larger size, as well as instances when they appear too large. Even after surgery, some patients question whether they made the proper choice. Just remember that these feelings will pass and that soon your new breasts will seem like a natural part of you if you do have any post-surgery “blues.”


You must always exercise patience, just as you would with any kind of cosmetic surgery. As your body heals, it will undergo weekly changes. After your operation, you won’t truly notice your full effects for 6 to 9 months. Be patient, then! Till your wounds are completely healed and your breast implants have “settled in,” hold off on shopping for new clothing or bras. Patients all too frequently let their pleasure at their new appearance to override the fact that their bodies are still healing. It’s an exciting transformation, but you’ll love the finished product even more if you give your body time to heal and your implants settle in.

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