What Are Dermal Fillers Used For?

Fillers in Dubai | 23 May 2019

Dermal fillers do not refer to a single production line, so there are differences in what parts of the face each and every one of them is meant to address. However, they all perform the same basic function at the end of the day – taking care of those lines and wrinkles that set in to depict aging on the face. For a more comprehensive list of where the known dermal fillers work on, we have:

– Nasolabial fold – those lines from the mouth to the nose

– Melomental fold – the lines from the mouth to the chin

– Lines occurring above the upper lip and

– Lines formed on the face due to frowns, among others.

– Besides the treatment of lines, though, dermal fillers have found application in other areas too.

For one, they are used to return volume to the cheekbones after they start sinking due to age. Furthermore, the lips have also started enjoying from the wide application of dermal fillers. Known to supply volume to thinner lips for a fuller feel, the level of safety they bring to this operation make them the ideal pick for many undergoing any of the procedures mentioned above.

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