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This video explains how fillers work on a patient to enhance her beauty and how simple and quick it can be. Look how happy is the patient after the treatment and how fast she can return back to her normal life. No downtime, no impact on your social life. It can easily be a lunchtime treatement.


Dr Matteo Vigo is the Medical Director in SKIN III clinic, a boutique medical facility nested in the heart of DIFC . Check out our services and our portfolio and choose the one perfect for you.


STem cells can be considered the future of aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

In Dubai Dr Vigo is one of the leading physician using this tecnology for antiageing treatment, acne scar improvement, strecth marks treatment, volume augmentatiobn with enriched fat.


Dr Matteo Vigo, being recognized as on eo fthe top 7 plastic surgeons in Dubai introduces himself and explain the aesthetic field panorama in the UAE. Know him through this very interesting video.