Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Treatments

Commonly known as tummy tuck, “abdominoplasty” is a surgical procedure to treat excess fat and/or skin and tighten the abdominal area. Extra layers of fat and skin are removed to strengthen the abdominal wall; thightening of the muscles of middle and lower section of the abdomen can also be performed at the same time to enhance the result.

The treatment is suitable for both men and women with abdominal laxity. However, this procedure is more suitable for those women who have lost the tightness and elasticity of abdominal muscles because of one or multiple pregnanciesa.

What is surgical procedure?

Procedure of tummy tuck surgery requires general anaesthesia and at least one nights hospitalisation is necessary. However, it often extends to two to three days in the hospital. The deformity you suffer and the size of abdominal muscles to flatten will determine the size of skin incision and the type and position of the final scar. If the abdominal skin is loose with pendulous fatty tissues, the resultant scar will be long. Yes, abdominoplasty tummy tuck surgery in Dubai, UAE is determined by the geometry of the operation and relative lengths of the base and hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.

Your surgeon is supposed to explain why the traverse scar may require to be as long as its size. However, the surgeon will try his best to keep scar as small as possible and locate it in the lower abdomen. In abdominoplasty in Dubai, fatty tissues that are deposited in the upper abdomen are not completely removed due to risk of decreasing circulation in the lower abdomen skin. For safety reasons, subsequent or preliminar liposuction is suggested to treat the remaining fat layers.

The umbilicus is replaced in a new position, maintaining its connection with the abdominal wall.

Two or more drains are placed in the abdomen exiting from the sovrapubic area to reduce the risk of fluid collection in the treated area.

The wound on the abdomen and around umbilicus are stitched via dissolving sutures and supported with plastic skin or micropore tape at least for six weeks to develop a fine scar.

Associated risks & complications may include numbness, swelling, bleeding, skin death, vein thrombosis and collection of fluid under the skin (Seroma)

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